Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 examples of well designed logos and 2 examples of poorly designed logos!

The 2 well designed logos I chose were FiFa International 2010 World Cup Soccer and Burger King! While the Fifa logo has many colors, it is still very simple and does a nice job creating the image of a soccer player doing a trick! This is a very attractive logo and it moves your eye throughout the design effectively. The Burger King text inside of a hamburger bun is cute. It is one of those logos that you can't forget! They limit their design to just 3 colors! The 2 poorly designed logos I chose were for the NFL team the Cleveland Browns and the NBA team the Portland Trailblazers! The Browns logo is a boring ugly brown helmet (instead of showing the dog pound) and it possibly the worst sports logo I have ever seen! The Portland Trailblazer basketball logo is 10 lines that I can't connect to their concept of a pioneer! The message is not communicated very well!



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  1. I agree with the football helmet being a bad logo. It doesnt have anything unigue about it to represent the team. It looks like clipart.